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May 15, 2006 Dialogues on Civilizations, a Foundation by Reset publications, urges the immediate release of Iranian intellectual Ramin Jahanbegloo. Philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo was arrested by the police of the Islamic Republic of Iran some weeks ago. The reason of his arrest has not been divulged. We are to suppose that motives of Jahanbegloo’s arrest were found in the ideas that he has been conveying through his articles, books, and lectures. Jahanbegloo, an enlightened, moderate and liberal intellectual as well as a lover of freedom and dialogue, teaches contemporary studies at the Cultural Research Bureau of Tehran University and he is the author of “Conversation with Isaiah Berlin”. Last March he delivered the paper “Against the Clash of Intolerances” in a conference on dialogue among cultures that was organized in Cairo by Dialogues on Civilizations, foundation whose scientific committee is joined in by Jahanbegloo. Depriving Ramin of his freedom is an unequivocal sign of intolerance against which we want to express our protest by asking people of culture and all those who love freedom to join in our protest and call for Ramin’s immediate release. “Many of us know and appreciate Iran, its culture, its people since we had the chance to visit the country and live an extraordinary human and intellectual experience that we tried to communicate to others in the various fields we operate in, suggesting the multiplication of contacts and initiatives. Ramin Jahanbegloo’s arrest strikes and hurts us personally. If it is true what a minister of the Islamic Republic referred to the press (that his arrest is due to Jahanbegloo's "contacts with foreigners"), we should draw the conclusion of promoting no more intellectual contacts with Iran and its intellectuals. At that point, none could persuade us to cooperate exclusively with intellectuals sponsored by the Iranian government. Beside Ramin Jahanbegloo's release, we also ask that his wife is granted the permit to meet Ramin and verify his health condition. Because of this absurd and unmotivated arrest, Ramin Jahanbegloo’s family is going through a time of unspeakable sufferings. It is with particular sadness that we received the news that after Ramin's arrest, his mother has been admitted to the coronary unit of Tehran hospital for a cardio-circulatory failure.” Reset Magazine and Dialogues on Civilizations Foundation: Giancarlo Bosetti, Nina zu Fürstenberg, Giuliano Amato, President of Dialogues on Civilizations Scientific Committee Krzysztof Michalski, Director of the Human Sciences Institute - Wien Mohamed Salmawy, President of the Association of Egyptian Writers, Nasr Abu-Zayd, Abdullahi An-Na’im, Seyla Benhabib, Emma Bonino, Charles Burnett, Mitchell Cohen, Fred Dallmayr, Rainer Forst, Khaled Fouad Allam, Roger Friedland, Maria Teresa Fumagalli Beonio Brocchieri, Nadia Fusini, Anthony Giddens, Michael Ignatieff, Navid Kermani, Jörg Lau, Amos Luzzatto, Sebastiano Maffettone, Franco Marcoaldi, Avishai Margalit, Guido Martinotti, Guido Rampoldi, Andrea Riccardi, Richard Rorty, Olivier Roy, Karl von Schwarzenberg - Member of Czech Senate, Benham N. Tabrizi, Bassam Tibi, Vanna Vannuccini, Nadia Urbinati, Michael Walzer, Revue Esprit (Paris), Olivier Mongin, Marc-Olivier Padis, Joseph Maïla, Joël Roman, Jean-Louis Schlegel.

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