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Dar Al Hayat - December 8, 2009 by Ghassan Charbel Iran is attempting to make the whole world acknowledge that it is a powerful country getting ready to “take part” in managing the world’s affairs”. It says that its nuclear dream is irrevocable. It multiplies its military maneuvers and inaugurates new generations of rockets. It assures that its influence is far-reaching and threatens its enemies with paying a high price if they stand in its way. It informs the Great Satan that its collapse is imminent. It expresses its glee at the sound of loud voices in its streets and the army of raised fists. This official image does not conceal the deep concern. Thirty years after the revolution’s victory, its regime feels that it is still being tested; that it is rejected; that the decision of eliminating or accepting it is awaiting the right moment to pounce; that its rhetoric is not accepted; that the international community is imposing on it to either stop using it or change its style. Iran is behaving as if confrontation is imminent. Its worry from the extended hand to it is no less than its worry from the index warning or accusing it. It sees traps or luring attempts in the calls for dialogue. It almost trusts no one. It is a stranger to the international rhetoric and is not widely welcomed in the region. It stands alone in the face of the west. It remembers it is part of the minority when it stands in the sea of the Islamic world. It is worried about difference, and thus feels a desire to change the world. It entrusts itself with an impossible mission and a danger-ridden venture. The refusal of Khomenei’s heirs to cool the burning coals of the revolution in the government’s care has kept Iran’s clash with the world and its environment still pending. This made it feel targeted and threatened. It responded by seeking to own targeting and threatening cards. These cards took many forms. Tehran reminded the others a lot about its ability to threaten the oil security. It also reminded them of its ability to threaten the security of Israel from South Lebanon or Gaza. It demonstrated its ability to own cards within the borders of many countries in the region. When it launched its nuclear dream, it became apparent that it intended to sleep on a nuclear pillow in order to protect its regime along with what it considers to be its leadership right in the region. The region’s inhabitants do not deny that Iran is a great country by regional standards and that it is a stately country that deserves a prominent role in the region. However, Iran’s insistence on imposing its rhetoric has turned its concerned policies into a source of concern. Among the conditions of normal coexistence in the region is the entrance of countries through its legitimate gateway, as well as the search for the language of midway, the respect of interests, and the right to have differences in options. The terrible imbalance of powers following the collapse of Saddam’s regime contributed to heighten Iran’s appetite and the fears of those concerned by its policies. The image of Iran as a concerned country and as a source of concern in its external relations became more complicated after the recent elections that guaranteed a new term for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. For the first time, the Iranian regime lost its image of a stronghold on the internal level. It has now a source of concern. It clashes with part of the street, with part of the generation that was born and raised in the shadow of the revolution. This is demonstrated by the measures it took in anticipation of the student demonstrations that are expected today. It is not easy for the revolution to have a deep misunderstanding with millions of its sons. It is hard to believe that they are prompted by the Great Satan. The manner with which Iran managed its battle related to its nuclear program has weakened the ability of Russia and China in continuing to obstruct new sanctions against it. It may be said that Iran is heading towards isolation, especially in the club of great nations. Such development is a source of concern, as this country has grown accustomed to treat its concern by increasing the ability to be a source of concern. It is feared that Israel would take advantage of this, and we would wake up one morning to a great fire in the region.

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